4 Colour Triage Tape

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The 4 Colour Triage Tape Set allows first responders and medical personnel to treat and act upon the correct priorities in an event where a number of people are injured or suffer fatal injuries.This proven method of prioritising casualties has saved lives around the world.It helps to identify who needs help first and who can wait or are beyond help.This set comes in large rolls (60 yards long x 1.89 inches wide)The colours are printed:RED - 1st PRIORITY - IMMEDIATEYellow - 2nd PRIORITY - DELAYEDGreen - 3rd PRIORITY - MINORBlue - 4th PRIORITY - MORGUE
The 4 Colour Triage Tape Set is a handy method of sorting priorities in an emergency. This allows both medical professionals and first responders a quick visual tool to act upon.

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