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Back Country Emergency Box 60 Serve Freeze Dried

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Back Country Cuisine provides a 3 year "best before" on all pouches, please refer to individual packets.
Manufacturers Note: "Recent testing has shown that the meals are safe to eat well beyond 6 years provided they are kept cool and dry".

This makes a great backstop for people living in remote areas, working in mines, essential for emergency shelters, schools, survival ration storage, or military and disaster management programs and for general preparedness.
Suitable for emergencies and disaster recovery programs. Back Country Cuisine uses nitrogen flushing and heavy duty foil laminate pouches to keep food safe and flavoursome without the need for preservatives.
Each Pack contains 30 Pouches.

Total 60 Estimated Servings
1x Beef & Pasta Hotpot Rehydrates to 675g 
1x Beef Stroganoff (GF) Rehydrates to 550g 
2x Beef Teriyaki (GF) Rehydrates to 613g 
2x BCC Chicken Tikka Masala (GF) Rehydrates to 550g 
2x Classic Beef Curry (GF) Rehydrates to 675g 
1x Creamy Carbonara Rehydrates to 613g 
2x Honey Soy Chicken (GF) Rehydrates to 675g 
1x Mexican Chicken Rehydrates to 550g 
1x Moroccan Lamb Rehydrates to 613g 
2x Roast Chicken Rehydrates to 675g 
3x Spaghetti Bolognaise Rehydrates to 675g 
2x Cottage Pie Rehydrates to 675g 
2x Lamb Fettuccine Rehydrates to 550g 
1x Thai Chicken Curry (GF) Rehydrates to 613g 
3x Mushroom Bolognaise Rehydrates to 675g 
2x Meal Roast Beef And Veg Rehydrates to 675g 
2x Meal Chicken Carbonara Rehydrates to 675g 

• Weight: 7kg

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