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Back Country Emergency Bucket

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Back Country Cuisine provides a 3 year "best before" on all pouches, please refer to individual packets.
Manufacturers Note: Recent testing has shown that the meals are safe to eat well beyond 6 years provided they are kept cool and dry.

This makes a great backstop for people living in remote areas, working in mines, essential for emergency shelters, schools, survival ration storage, or military and disaster management programs and for general preparedness.
Keep secure and handy for the next time there is a run on your local supermarket when a natural disaster is imminent.
Suitable for emergencies and disaster recovery programs. Back Country Cuisine uses nitrogen flushing heavy duty foil laminate pouches to keep food safe and flavoursome without the need for preservatives.
The safe keeping of your food is taken a step further by adding another layer of security by placing these single serve pouches into compact 18 litre sealed buckets. The buckets keep out dust, moisture, rodents, insects, light and prevent damage to pouches thus assuring your food supply is not compromised during storage.

The square buckets are very easy to stack and store. If you are placed in an emergency situation these buckets can also serve several other purposes, such as water collection and storage, digging, carrying tools and more.
Each bucket contains 18 single serve meals, consisting of:

6 x Breakfast
6 x Single serve meals (hot lunch)
6 x Single serve meals (hot dinner)

Breakfast is:
2 x Cooked Breakfast Single
2 x Yoghurt and Muesli Single
2 x Porridge Supreme Single

Lunch is:
1 x Beef and Pasta Hotpot Single
1 x Classic Beef Curry Single
1 x Cottage Pie Single
1 x Lamb Fettuccine Single
1 x Roast Lamb and Veges Single
1 x Chicken Tikka Masala

Dinner is:
1 x Honey Soy Chicken Single
1 x Vegetarian Stir-fry Single
1 x Creamy Carbonara Single
1 x Roast Chicken Single
1 x Sweet and Sour Lamb Single
1 x Spaghetti Bolognaise Single

For a list of ingredients in each meal download the link: Back Country Cuisine Emergency Bucket Meals & Ingredients List

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26/2/2020 6:12 AM

Yummy and Filing Back Country Meals

by Kevin -

The Back Country meals are nourishing and filling. I use these during trips outback due to their light weight , minimal storage space and need to just use water to re-hydrate. They are tasty and once supplemented with your favourite sauces or spices, they also are filling. Recommend these for camping and potentially for 'quarantine' purposes.

8/4/2020 9:53 AM

ready for Emergencies with this COVID 19 i wont starve

by Donna -

Arrived today, very good lasting food great storage bucket love the bucket foods also huge so much of it