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Boonies Outdoor Millbank Bag Water Filter

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Boonies Outdoor Millbank Bags

For many years, the Millbank Bag was an essential piece of equipment for explorers, bushcrafters and army personnel - saving many lives by filtering life preserving water. Today, most Millbank Bags are surplus, and NOT safe to be used for their intended purpose because they were also used to filter fuel, oil and other nasty chemicals, so using surplus Millbank Bags is a big No No.

Introducing the BRAND NEW Boonies Outdoor Millbank Filtration Bags - a throwback survival product that all survivalists should still own. Say goodbye to using other inferior non-specialist products to filter debris from water and purchase a NEW Boonies Outdoor Millbank Bag - an essential survival product for when you're next out in the 'BOONIES'. Whether you're trekking through jungles, deserts or just wanting to learn about water filtration, the Boonies Outdoor Millbag filtration bag is a must for your survival kit.

How to Use a Millbank Bag

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a Millbank Bag is no longer essential, especially with the invention of water purifying straws and bottles - so let's look at the difference between the two things. Millbank Bags filter debris from the water, such as leaves, sediment and other detritus. The filtration is essential before purifying the water. Millbank Banks don't purify, they filter water catching all nasty particles so that you have a particle-free liquid to be purified by use of a purification tablet, or use of a purification bottle.

To use the Millbank Bag, simply soak in water to engorge the dense fabric, then then fill with water and hang from a convenient place, allowing the water to slowly drip through into a suitable container. Once your water is filtered - simply sterilise the water by boiling, purifying with a tablet, or using in conjunction with a water purifying tool, such as a bottle or pump.
  • Dimensions: 44.5cm x 18.5cm
  • Each bag can filter approx 3 litres of water per use
  • Reusable

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