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Protection from the earths’ elements such as extreme weather and dangerous bugs or animals is crucial to our well-being and survival as we venture outdoors. A good shelter can protect us from all these and even make us inconspicuous to preying animals. We need to keep warm to preserve the energy our bodies need to fight off infections and carry out vigorous activities. We have sourced the best products aimed to keep you warm and dry on your camping, hiking, outdoor adventures & survival. From survival blankets, emergency ponchos, shelter kits and heat reflective survival tents to all-weather blankets, emergency bivvies and survival sleeping bags and tarps.

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SOL Escape Bivvy

SOL Escape Lite Bivvy

SOL 1 Person Heat Sheet

Emergency Poncho

Spando Camo Gloves Green

SOL Sport Utility Blanket

SOL Emergency Shelter Kit

Shelter B.O.S.S.

Pathfinder Rescue Tarp

Military Survival Sleeping Bag

Headwrap Woodland Digital Camo

Headwrap Woodland Camo

Headwrap Desert Digital Camo

Headwrap City Camo

Headwrap Black