Camping Solar Lights & Glow Sticks

Off Grid Lighting Solutions: Rechargeable Camping Solar lights & Reusable Glow Sticks

A range of solar powered lights – perfect for camping or off grid adventures, there’s always a lighting solution - solar powered bright LED lights by Biolite or reusable and rechargeable solar glow sticks to use as markers. There are also single use long lasting glow sticks, with some glowing for at least 12 hours. Free Australia wide delivery for orders over $75.

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UVO Blue Pendant

UVO Green Pendant

UV Matlite

Mule Light V2

UV Scout Pack Combo

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UV Paqlite Small

UV Paqlite Medium

UV Paqlite Large

UV Paqlite UV Glo Stick

The Orb

Mini Matlite