Emergency Signal Mirrors, Emergency Whistles & Emergency Solar Radios

It can be almost impossible to be spotted on the ground and in dense bushland, that is when signal mirrors and emergency whistles become very useful in being seen and heard by Search and Rescue Operations. Solar and crank radios are handy at keeping you informed of important weather alerts and warnings, information and news. Because they will work with the power of the sun, a simple winding motion of a handle, and batteries are not needed they are very reliable and useful. Our Solar Emergency Radios include a flashlight and phone charger making them a very useful lightweight and compact tools.

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Searching in Communications

HyperWhistle - Worlds Loudest Whistle

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ESEE Signal Mirror
UV Micro Safety Light
Signalling B.O.S.S
SOL Sharx Whistle
Fox 40 Micro Whistle
AMK Rescue Howler 2 Pk
Wilderness Survival Whistle
Storm All Weather Whistle
Triple Whistle
Titanium Whistle Blue
Marbles Survival Combo
Solar and Dynamo Compact Radio

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