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Emergency preparedness is crucial. Emergencies and disasters can strike at anytime, anywhere and happen to anyone. At Survival Supplies Australia, believe that being prepared, is akin to insurance for disasters and emergencies.

We carry reliable emergency and prepping supplies which we believe can help aussie preppers with their emergency response plans.

Emergency Prepping Gear, Kits & Equipment for Australian Preppers

Survival Supplies Australia is fully stocked with Aussie preppers gear and essentials from emergency long life food and water, water purifying products and portable filtration systems, long-term food storage solutions, heritage vegetable and fruit seeds for self-sustenance, Geiger counters and emergency and survival preparation books and manuals. Are you prepared?

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Freeplay TUF Emergency Radio

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Freeplay Encore 703 Emergency Radio

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ReadyWise 60 Serving Mains Bucket

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