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Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

Fishing Tools & Emergency Fishing Kits

From the primitive fisherman to the modern day survivalist, our unique range of survival fishing gear and tactical fishing tools include harpoons, spears, military speedhooks, and other fishing accessories. With unique, multi-function design and purpose you will want to add these tools to your survival kit, go-bag or store them in your car.

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Tactical Gig Set
Spear Heads Combo Set
Cabuya Fishing Handline Orange
NATO Liferaft Fishing Kit
Extra Fishing Gear
BCB Waterproof Survival Kit
Condor Tantar Harpoon
UST Learn and Live Fishing Kit
Survival Heavy Duty Gill Net
Paracord Survival POD
Military Speedhook Fishing Kit
M48 Hawk Tactical Harpoon and Sheath

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Rothco Survival Fishing Kit
Paracord Survival Band
Mini Portable Pocket Pen Fishing Rod

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Large Frog and Fish Gig Spear
Kevlar 80 LB. 150mtr