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Freeze Dried Beef Mince Long Life 10YR 500g

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Premium Long Life Freeze Dried 100% Aussie Minced Beef

This pack of freeze dried 100% Minced Aussie Beef rehydrates to 2.5kg of fresh minced beef providing you with 16 serves of meat at approximately 150 grams per serve.


Premium Long Life Freeze Dried Minced Beef from Grass Fed Beef that lasts 10 years (or more if stored correctly). To rehydrate simply add cold or warm water. These freeze dried beef packs contain delicious, succulent bite-size pieces of beef that does not require refridgeration, freezing or cooking. You can it eat straight from the pack!

These packs of freeze-dried beef does not contain added preservatives and the meat is sourced from local Aussie suppliers. Premium Freeze dried beef that is made from 100% Australian grass-fed beef from Cape Grim, Tasmania. The freeze-drying process allows food to retain its nutrients and flavour through a process called sublimation where 98% of the foods moisture is removed. Food is incredibly lightweight and rehydrates in a shorter amount of time.

These packs of freeze dried minced beef is stored in premium, Nitrogen-flushed mylar bags and can be rehydrated while you're out and about on your hiking trails, camping expeditions, bushcrafting or store at home for emergencies and emergency preparedness. The best freeze dried food for survival!

How to Prepare:

  • Remove inner brown bag first (if there is one)
  • Place meat back into its outer bag
  • Add boiling, warm or cold water (using cold water can take a little bit longer for meat to rehydrate)
  • Strain water
  • Brown meat in pan with little oil

OR simply add a portion of meat to a bowl and add water (boiling, warm or cold). Strain and cook. This freeze dried beef has been pre-cooked and does not need much time in a pan. Cook your favourite recipes, eat and enjoy! Once opened and resealed, food can be kept for at least 3 months.

NOTE: This beef is real 100% beef and not held together with binders and soy protein (TVP). Sometimes during the packing and transport of these packs the beef dices can "self shred". All its nutrients and flavours are preserved ready for cooking.

PLEASE NOTE: This bag of freeze dried food is Nitrogen-Flushed. Nitrogen-Flushing is a process that eradicates oxygen but not necessarily air. Like a bag of crisps/potato chips, air may still be present but depleted of Oxygen therefore ensuring the food will not deteriorate and will retain its freshness.
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Perfect For Large Groups
  • Excellent Source Of Protein
  • Lightweight
  • Long Life 10 Years (Or More)
  • High Nutrient Retention
  • Great Flavour
  • Quick To Rehydrate
  • Nitrogen Flushed
  • No Preservatives
  • Weight: 500g dried = 2.5kg Fresh Meat
  • 16 Serves at 31.25g per Serve (Before Rehydration)
  • 16 Serves at 150g per Serve (Rehydrated)
  • 100% Australian Beef
  • Best Before: 01-08-2031

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