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Grim Workshop Emergency Lock Picking Tool Card

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Grim Workshop Lock Picking Tool Card

Ever had that moment where you shut your locker, door, or closed a lock and immediately realised you didn’t have the key to it? Well that problems in the past with Grim’s credit card sized lockpick card set in your pocket. With a half dozen different picks and a tension wrench the Lockpick Card has what you need for opening most standard lock types. All you have to do is insert your tension wrench into the key channel, and apply light pressure in the direction you would turn the key, insert your pick of choice and once all pins inside the lock have been lifted your lock will open. You can find many videos online that explain exactly how a pick works in detail if you need help understanding how it functions. 

Knowledge can only get you so far without the tools to use it. That’s why carrying the right gear can be a real-life-saver, especially when it fits in your wallet. Grim Lockpick Tool Card is conveniently thin like a credit card, lightweight, durable, reusable, and fits straight into your wallet with your other cards and cash. This credit card sized design also means you can store it into an Altoid or Mess tin, wallet, pocket, bug-out bag or virtually anywhere. 


Reusable Design

The Lockpick Card is created to be used, abused, and reused, unlike cheaply made disposable tools. Grim's incredibly unique Tool Retention System is included with any Grim Workshop tool with removable parts and makes all of their tools reusable. This allows you to take out any part of the tool, use it, and put it back when you’re finished. Grim's tool retention system gives the grip you would expect from adhesive or rare earth magnets without the sticky residue or de-magnetised credit cards they could create.

Space, No Longer an Issue
The Grim Lockpick Card is cut from 1mm thin stress hardened, surgical grade stainless steel. It only occupies one slot of your wallet so that you can have it with you at all times without compromises. You don't have to remember to carry it, because it's always there. If carrying tools in your pockets or wallet isn’t your style, peel the adhesive backing off the tool's back and stick it onto any flat surface. It has a permanent adhesive on one side so it can be stuck to surfaces like box lids, outside, inside, or anywhere else you can think to put it for quick access.

  • Made in the USA: This tool was designed, manufactured, and had its materials sourced in the USA
  • Credit Card Sized: under 1mm thick! Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket
  • Stainless Steel: highly corrosion-resistant surgical grade hardened stainless steel. Tough and functional.
  • Tool Retention System: one side (black) features semi-permanent adhesive allowing tools to be removed and used again and again, then put back. Non-magnetic and non-sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your toolkits to other objects for unparalleled accessibility
  • Dimensions: 8.5cm x 5.4cm
  • Includes: 5 Lock picks; Tension wrench
  • Tool retention system allows tools to be removed and put back
  • Non-magnetic 
  • Not sticky
  • Reusable
  • Material: Surgical grade stainless steel construction
  • Weight: 18g
  • Manufacturer Number: GwLockCrd
  • Country of Origin: USA

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