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Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll Ponchos

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Swagman Roll Poncho by Helikon-Tex

Once upon a time, the trappers, the trekkers and even the soldiers did not carry sleeping bags. They carried blanket rolls. Up until very recently, wool was the best blanket material. Then, still several decades ago, Nylon fabrics came into being. During the Vietnam War, there appeared a new blanket – the Poncho Liner. Ultra lightweight blanket doubling as warming liner for rain-protection poncho. 

In Australian slang ‘swagman’ means a travelling workman. Something like American cowboy or a trapper, occasionally on a lookout for a work on the Frontier. The difference was, the Australian swagman was traveling on foot, and carried all his belongings in a bed roll. With the Swagman Roll® is a salute to these intrepid men, trembling on chilly mornings in their moist blankets – but with the Swagman Roll® you’ll never have to emulate that particular part of their lifestyle. 

The roll is made of thin Nylon fabric, filled with one of the best insulating materials mankind ever dreamed of – the Climashield® Apex™. Swagman Roll® is not your ordinary blanket. It is more of a multifunction tool, applicable wherever a warm cover is required. You can use it as a poncho liner, emergency sleeping bag, enhance your regular sleeping bag with it, wrap in it as if it was a blanket, line your hammock with it – or just wear as a stand-alone long, warm coat.
  • Warm hood 
  • Integral transport pocket
  • Zippered front pocket
  • USGI poncho compatible
  • Can be used as: emergency jacket, sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner, blanket, hammock liner (quilt) etc. Lightweight, non soaking, easy to transport 
  • Ideally fits the BOB backpack 
  • YKK® zippers
  • Weight: 745g
  • Dimensions: 145 x 200cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Grammage: 67g/m2
  • Colour Options: Black, Camo, Wildwood, Adaptive Green, Alpha Green, Taiga Green, Coyote Brown, Flecktarn, Shadow Grey, US Woodland, Desert Night Camo or Tiger Stripe Black
  • Manufacturer Number: PO-SMR-NL-36
  • US PATENT No: D887,461 S
  • PART EUROPEAN PATENT No: 003792290-0001

Washing principles: 
  • Initial water temperature should not exceed 30°C or 65°F with extreme caution
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
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9/10/2020 9:48 AM

5 stars!

by Sam

Great multi function Poncho. A little bigger than I thought it would be but makes up for it in all uses. SSA is a great online store, I have to practice restraint whilst browsing the catalog, too many awesome products at awesome prices.

2/3/2021 7:57 PM

Don't pay attention to ignorant review by "Scott"

by Matthew (Bushcrafter)

Let me make something very clear, there is no direct competitor product on market that is same multi functional with ripstop AND synthetic materials. The Swagman Roll is the best valued multi purpose product that exists on market, even better than a full tang knife.
<br>So, if you purchase this product expecting it to be the ultimate master of all trades you live in virtual reality. The Swagman Roll is a jack of all trades, master of none. Just like a bastard 7 inch blade length, a jack of all trades.
<br>Scott (another reviewer) has compared a Swagman Roll to other products that are not the same as a Swagman Roll. No different in principle to compare a Leatherman multitool to a full tang knife. A Swagman Roll is like a Leatherman Multitool.
<br>I own a Swagman Roll, purchased from SSA, and used often since purchased. No regrets, other than should had purchaded sooner. Best value shelter, clothing and sleep system combo.

25/8/2021 7:01 AM

Great Product To Have in Your Bug Out Bag

by Bruce

I bought this with the waterproof US Helikon poncho, super versatile. Saved money by not having to buy a sleeping bag. Awesome gear to have in a bug-out bag.
<br>Great service from SSA.

8/9/2021 7:23 PM

Swag man poncho

by Kirk

First up, Best customer service in Aust, many business could take a leaf out these guys book. I purchased the Poncho to use when out Adventure riding in remote WA. Like most products there are pro’s and con’s. So far it’s lived up to all expectations, kept me warm, used as an xtra liner with sleeping bag, all good.
<br>My only criticism is, being synthetic care has to be taken around campfire, sparks, ember will pose a problem. Personally I’d like to see more ember resistance, but this common with many products when camping. Would I recommend this product, yes, in fact I intend to purchase a couple of more in the near future.

27/8/2023 10:09 AM

Epic piece of kit

by Adriel

There's already many video reviews by experienced outdoorsmen talking about how great the swagman roll is as an individual item so I'll talk about it in combination with other gear. My aim when selecting gear is to minimise weight, maximise durability and quality, whilst considering multifunctionality vs specilisation. For a sleep system I use the swagman roll with the Helikon poncho, a 3/4 inflatable mat and the snugpak special forces bivvy. This is the lightest and most versatile combination I've found and suitable for temperatures above 10C.