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K-TOR Power Box 50 Watt Pedal Power Generator

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K-Tor Power Box 50 Watt Pedal Power Generator

The K-Tor Power Box 50 is a pedal generator that can power up your electronic devices if electricity is not an available source. Turn mechanical effort into electricity. This portable power generator generates electricity as you pedal while sitting down. Charge external batteries that power up your devices and appliances or charge your electronic devices either directly from the batteries or through an inverter, with the K-Tor Power Box 50. The K-Tor Power Box Power Generator is an alternative/back up to solar power in the event of cloudy or stormy weather where solar energy may not work as efficiently.

The Power Box has a 12-Volt automotive-like outlet. This K-Tor power generator allows you to plug in devices designed to plug into an automotive outlet like 12-volt to USB converters with the 12-Volt to Alligator/Crocodile Clip Cables (included) to directly charge-up 12-volt batteries. When there is a power outage or lack of electricity the K-Tor Power Box 50 Watt Pedal Generator is the ultimate reliable survival tool for all emergencies. Keep your electronic devices and appliances powered up while camping, at a holiday home or on a secluded get-away. This Power Generator is the essential emergency tool for your survival kit, bug-out bag, home, car, boat or caravan. Be sure you are prepared in the case of any disaster.

Charge your portable electronic devices: 
  •     Cell phones
  •     Mobile radios (hand-held ham and emergency radios)
  •     Tablets
  •     LED lanterns
  •     GPS devices
  •     Medical devices
  •     MP3 and DVD players (to entertain when the lights go out)

Lightweight & Portable
Highly Efficient Design
Powerful, Versatile
For Camping, Hiking, Bushcrafting, Boating & More
Great for Exercise 


  • Spin/Pedal at 90 RPM (Revs per Minute)
  • Delivers 14 Volts at up to 3 Amps
  • Deep Cycle sealed acid batteries
  • Charge more than 1 device at a time
  • Can charge an external battery that powers up your devices/appliances directly or through an inverter
  • Directly charge up your electronic devices/appliances 
  • Portable & Packable: Folds to the size of a small box in seconds 
  • Provides cardio benefits
  • Coverts output to 14 Volts DC which is compatible with all 12 Volt automotive applications chargers 
  • You can use your device while it is being charged
  • 12-Volt Socket is a marine outlet 
  • Attach the Power Box 50 on a solid block with screws for stability

Safety Tips 

  • Never Stand on the Power Box 
  • Connect only Devices with Compatible Chargers and Power Ratings 
  • Make sure you have enough space to safely pedal the 
  • Generator from a seated position
  • NOT waterproof 

Note: Shelter the main unit from water spray. It is totally enclosed, but not waterproof. The plastic and coated steel are resistant, but the internal electronics should not be immersed in water.
What's in the Box:
  • Standard 12 volt automotive power outlet
  • 12 volt-to-alligator connector cable for directly charging sealed lead acid batteries
  • Right Pedal
  • Left Pedal
  • Pedal Attach Hardware
  • 12V Male to Alligator/Crocodile Clips
  • Main Body
  • Support Leg 
  • Feet x 2

Power Box 50 Material & Features:
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon plastic in the case
  • A smart chip for regulating voltage and current
  • Electronic current limiting and thermal protection
  • Aluminum alloy cranks for greater strength and lighter weight
  • High temperature improved main bushings

  • Dimensions: 33cm x 23cm x 18cm 
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Other Information
Assembling the Power Box 50 Watt

K-Tor Power Box Demonstration

How to Use the Power Box Pedal Generator


How to Charge a 12 Volt Battery 

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