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Lazerbrite Tactical Light System Red-Green

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Lazerbrite Red/Green
imaget-products/tactical-light-red-green-3.jpg\Not just a flashlight! The Revolutionary New Tactical Lighting System in Use by the U.S. Military. With thousands of LazerBrite units currently being used by the U.S. military, the LazerBrite modular light has been praised as one of the finest tactical flashlights available. Multifaceted, lightweight and submersible to 50 meters, this distinct LED light system has been custom-built for the serious user, providing light with unique advantages.
* Two identical but different LED colored lights that can be separated and used individually for different purposes. Wide Angle, Signal, Chem-light-type, Low Signature Map Reading, Marking, and more.
* Patented 360 degree rotational switch
* Three modes of operation for each light: High, Low and Flash.
* Emulate chemical lights / glow sticks
* Create a focused spot
* Operates as a wide angle flash light
* Separate into independent lights sources!imaget-products/tactical-light-red-green-4.jpg
* Marking / Landing Zones
* Area Lighting
* Waterproof design Submersible to 50 m/164 ft.
* Versatile modular design
* Tough polycarbonate housing
* Can be linked together (daisy chained)
* Made in USAimaget-products/tactical-light-red-green-5.jpg
* Lightweight - 4.6 oz / 130 g
* Long lasting - 300 hours of bright usable light
* Can operate for days on one set of batteries
* Over 1,500 10 minute signals in one package
* Reduce your load - Replaces multiple chemlights
* 10 year battery shelf life
Each LazerBrite unit can emulate a chemical glow stick, function as a wide-angle flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing and produce a focused spot.Submersible to 50 meters, LazerBrite is the ultimate safety light.
Batteries are included and, with up to 150 hours of illumination, you can trust LazerBrite to be ready when you need it most.
LazerBrite reinvents the flashlight. Traditional glow sticks glow and traditional flashlights produce a beam but LazerBrite's modular design does both and a whole lot more. Users are able to customize each light to meet specific needs. LazerBriteĀ« can emulate a glow stick, function as a wide-angled flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing, produce a focused spotlight, and multiple units can even be linked together to create a longer light baton in any color combination.The LazerBriteĀ« modular design is a light-weight, high-powered lantern, tent lantern, tent marker, and still a traditional flashlight. The flashlight turned lantern also turns into two flashlights so you can share with a friend.imaget-products/tactical-light-red-green-6.jpg
* Military and Law Enforcement: Signaling, marking, personal lighting, available in infrared or visible light.
* Emergency Preparation:10 year battery shelf life, small, lightweight, waterproof and reliable, with up to 150 hours of battery life, LazerBrite is perfect in a natural disaster or zombie attack.
* Industrial Safety: Use LazerBrite on construction sites, oil-rigs and road and transportation projects to mark hazards, equipment, chemical spills or for other visual signaling - Also, personalize LazerBrite by adding your company's logo for a great, functional safety award.
* Outdoor Recreation: Use as a tent lantern, flashlight, glowing marker or signaling unit while biking.
* Hunting: Use LazerBrite Visible colors for all your lighting needs, blue for tracking, IR with night vision equipment.
* Private aviation: Backup cockpit lighting and in your emergency kit.
* Child Safety: See and be seen in traffic and use in place of a glowstick on Halloween and 4th of July.imaget-products/tactical-light-red-green-7.jpg
* 2 - LazerBrite Multi-Lux Heads (One Green, One Red)
* 1 - Translucent Tube
* 1 - Short Translucent Tube
* 1 - Dome
* 1 - Long Dome
* 1 - Threaded Loop
* 1 - Helix Bungee
* 1 - 4 Strip Batteries CR-2032
* Mil-Pak packaging, Desert

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