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Lifestraw Mission Water Filter - 5L

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Lifestraw Mission 5 Litre Gravity Water Filtration System

The Lifestraw Mission Water Purification System is a high-volume, gravity water filter and purifier for outdoor expeditions, adventure travel, and for use in survival or emergency situations. 

How The Lifestraw Mission Water Purification System Works

The LifeStraw Mission is a gravity powered system that purifies water to 0.02 microns, making contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and viruses. Ideal for groups, the LifeStraw Mission can provide more than 18,000 litres of clean water and filter as much as 12 litres per hour. 

The membrane ultrafilter removes: 
  • 99.999% of viruses (Rota virus, Hepatitis A) 
  • 99.9999% of bacteria (E. coli) 
  • 99.9999% of parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.) 
  • 99.999% of microplastics
  • High performance purification technology removes viruses, bacteria, parasites and microplastics
  • Includes 5L gravity bag, with quick-connect hose, purification cartridge and built-in backwashing system
  • Compact and lightweight : just 530g with high volume capacity to purify 12 litres per hour
  • Lifetime of 18,000 litres, enough for 5 people for over 3 years
  • This product gives back : one product, one school child, one year of clean water
Kit includes
  • Includes 5 litre gravity bag, with quick-connecting hose, purification cartridge and built-in backwashing system
  • Filtration technology : 0.02 micron membrane ultrafilter cartridge
  • Purifier lifetime : 18,000 litres
  • Flow Rate : 12 litres per hour
  • Food grade materials (US FDA 21 CFR standards)
  • Roll bag capacity : 5 litres
  • Weight (Filter and roll bag) : 530g
  • Roll bag material : TPU laminated with nylon
  • Hose length : 700mm
  • Filter size : 320mm
  • BPA Free
  • Recyclable
Other Information
Lab Information

We believe that responsible manufacturing includes creating and maintaining a strong evidence base for our product claims and their intended impacts. All products undergo rigorous independent testing to meet or exceed protocols established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) We also built and run an ISO accredited water laboratory based in Vietnam that does quality validation and testing of all of our new and existing products.

  • Membrane ultrafilter: 0.02 micron pore size. Removes 99.999% of viruses, 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, and 99.999% of microplastics
  • Also removes silt, sand, and cloudiness
  • Meets US EPA drinking water standards for bacteria and protozoa reduction
  • EPA Est. No. 95395-KOR-1

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