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Micropur Forte Water Purification Tablets

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Katadyn Micropur Forte Water Purification Tablets are easy-to-use tablets that are safer than both iodine and chlorine. One tablet provides fast and effective disinfection for one litre of water, making them an essential item for outdoorsmen and travellers alike, when drinking from a water source that may be contaminated.

Micropur tablets can be used on their own with clear water, or in conjunction with a filter if the water is turbid. Simply pop one tablet into one litre of clear water and wait 10 minutes until the tablet has dissolved; shake well, then wait a further 20 minutes before using the water. If the water is very cold, or you are concerned about the possible presence of Giardia cysts in the water, allow two hours until drinking. Micropur tablets are also ideal for conserving water in water tanks, water baths, air conditioning systems, heating systems, humidifiers, wells, incubators and more.

Micropur is the only tablet or liquid currently registered by the EPA that controls Cryptosporidium, a waterborne cyst. It is an excellent choice to purify water from lakes, rivers, streams and also from taps when travelling overseas. Micropur MP1 has a higher safety level since it kills all types of microorganisms in water - even viruses and Cryptosporidium. Also, unlike chlorine, Micropur does not leave chemical by-products (like trihalomethanes - TTHM's) in your water. When diluted in water, Micropur MP1 tablets release chlorine dioxide, the same substance used in municipal drinking water plants worldwide to disinfect drinking water. Micropur MP1 leaves virtually no taste in water; in fact, it can actually improve the taste and odour of treated water.
  • Contents: 50 tablets
  • One tablet treats 1 litre of water
  • Contains chlorine for disinfection
  • Contains silver ions for conservation
  • Conserves drinking water for up to 6 months
  • Not necessary to declare as a dangerous substance when travelling
  • Can be used in plastic or glass; check metals before use
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses in 30 minutes; Amoebas and giardia in 120 minutes
  • Shelf-life: (EXP March 2027)

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