Mule Light V2

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The Mule Light is the only flashlight you will ever need. It combines all the functions of traditional flashlights and something totally NEW!!* 300 Lumen Spotlight(high - low - strobe) * 6 LED Work Light,* 6 LED UV/Black Light* Red Lens Filter* Reusable Glow Stick* 2 Battery Packs (3 AAA batteries or USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable)* NEW Hybrid Function.
HOW DOES THE HYBRID FUNCTION WORK? Cover the LEDs with the reusable glow the stick. Turn the LEDs on for about 3 seconds. You just charged the glow stick. Now use the glow stick at your light and save your batteries.HOW DOES THE FLASHLIGHT CYCLE ON ITS OWN?Press and hold the 'On' button until the lights blink. The Mule Light is now working in energy saving cycles: 3 second bursts of light from the flashlight every 3 minutes keeps the glow in the dark crystals glowing REALLY bright. Now you can maintain a glow stick illumination without draining your batteries. HOW DOES THE REUSABLE GLOW STICK WORK?Inside the reusable glow stick are giant crystals of strontium aluminate. This is the brightest, fastest charging, and longest glowing glow-in-the-dark on the market. Think of like the glow in the dark stars you stick on the ceiling but on steroids.WHAT MAKES OUR GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SO BRIGHT?Traditional glow-in-the-dark comes in a powder, think of the powder as millions of tiny sponges that absorb light to charge. Once fully charged each individual particle emits a low-level glow until it runs out of energy. This is why traditional glow in the dark isnÆt that bright because the particles are so small the amount of light they can hold and emit is minimal. Whereas UV PaqliteÆs glow crystals are giant, their huge particle size allows them to absorb more light and emit more light for longer. Not to mention since the crystals are so big your eyes will perceive them as brighter. They are like huge light sponges!WHY UV/BLACK LIGHTTurning on a regular flashlight in the dark can destroy your night vision or draw unwanted attention to your location, so we gave this flashlight a stealth function by including black lights. Use the black lights to save your night vision or simply don't want to spook the fish on your fishing trip. You can also use the UV lights to find scorpions, pet stains, security markings, and more. We did not use red light because it will not charge our crystals.

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