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Mylar Bags Food Grade 7 MIL Pack of 25

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$22.50 to $50.00
Mylar films have extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rates due to the foil layer.

The thickness of the film overall is not as important as the thickness and quality of this metalisation when it comes to long-term food storage. This is because oxygen cannot penetrate metal. And strength? Even one square inch of this Mylar film can support the weight of two and a half cinder blocks!
  • Extreme oxygen and moisture barrier
  • Foodgrade FDA approved
  • Bags Free of BPA and other toxins
  • Long Term Food Storage
  • Unlike most other brands in Australia these are MADE IN THE USA!
  • Provides well over 25 years of protection from oxidation, mould, and bugs*

    *Based on the Oxygen Transmission Rate of this Mylar, heat-sealed as instructed with correct Oxygen Absorbers


ALL Mylar bags MUST be heat-sealed for food storage. A reseal top is only for resealing food after you open it.

Oxygen absorbers are also required and are available HERE.

Premium Mylar Bags 7 MIL Food Grade - Multi Pack - 0.18mm Thick - Very Strong

Bag Size and Specifications:

  • S (16oz) - 473mL Free standing (Gusseted) + Zip Lock Seal 152mm x 184mm (25 per Pack)
  • M (32oz) - 946mL Free standing (Gusseted) + Zip Lock Seal 177mm x 203mm (25 per Pack)
  • L (64oz) - 1.89L Free standing (Gusseted) + Zip Lock Seal 203mm x 304mm (25 per Pack)
  • XL (128oz) - 3.78L Free standing (Gusseted) + Zip Lock Seal 260mm x 292mm (25 per Pack)
Larger bags can be found HERE
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