Orion Dye Marker 1oz

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The Land Sea Orion Dye Marker fills an important need in survival signalling. A signal dye marker is a perfect supplement to a signal mirror. Experts agree that multiple forms of signalling greatly increase ones odds of rescue, the Orion Dye marker fills this need. The Orion Survival Dye Marker comes in a 1 oz. container with a lanyard. A bright orange air and watertight container makes it durable and easy to locate in an emergency.

The Orion Dye Marker is useful on both land and sea and creates a luminescent green area of up to 15mtrs diameter. A signalling dye marker is a perfect addition to your signalling kit and also as an individual signal that can be affixed to PFD's and used on PWC's.
The PVC pouch contains approximately 104g of yellow/green fluorescine dye, which will spread rapidly when dissolved in water.

Can be seen for a mile or more, and lasts for 30-40 minutes depending on water and weather conditions.

  • Pouch size 127 x 156 x 35mm.

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