Oxygen Absorbers

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Oxygen Absorbers.

NOTE: Once opened absorbers must be used immediately, left overs should be vacuum sealed for storage.

These Oxygen Absorbers have been sold in the U.S. since 1992. They have been the top choice of many American businesses for food preservation and packaging for their reliability and other benefits. They absorb 180-300% of their rating as a safety buffer.

  • (100cc) - (100 Pack)
  • (300cc) - (10 Pack)
  • (500cc) - (10 Pack)
  • (2000cc) - (10 Pack)

The destructive effects of oxygen.

Oxidation is the process that turns a freshly cut apple brown and turns iron into rust. Not only does oxygen cause bland, stale taste we all know but it destroys nutrients and supports contamination that occurs from mold, bugs and oxygen-dependent microorganisms. Oxygen absorbing packets are much better then other preservation methods because the effectively eliminate oxygen and can protect perishables from these effects long-term

  • Small Mylar Bags - 100cc Generally Required 
  • Medium Mylar Bags - 300cc Generally Required 
  • Large Mylar Bags - 500cc Generally Required 
  • X-Large Mylar Bags - 500cc Generally Required* 
  • XX-Large Mylar Bags - 2500cc Generally Required* 
*Mylar Bag Must be full Not only is it okay to use more absorbing power than necessary, it is a great idea. 

For one reason, food types can be deceiving and may contain far more air than you thought. Flour can be 50% air! Pastas can be 75% air! A larger capacity Oxygen Absorber will help account for this. Also, even if there was a tiny leak in the seal, a larger absorber will continue to absorb incoming oxygen, even many years later.
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