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Atwood Rope MFG

Multipurpose Paracord & Cordage with High Tensile Strength - Performance Guaranteed

Atwood Rope MFG are a rope manufacturer in the USA dedicated to manufacturing paracord and cordage of all colours, patterns, lengths, sizes and uses while delivering optimal tensile strength. Atwood are leading designers of paracord and rope for tactical, military, bushcraft and survival uses. Their paracord, cords and rope are constructed from high tech and top quality materials which guarantee to outperform regular cordage. Rope that feature versatility, strength and has a multitude of uses from everyday household tasks to on-the-field task-specific purposes and will perform in some of the toughest conditions.

Atwoods’ innovative rope designs include the Paracord, Micro Cord, Nano Cord, Parapocalypse, Battlecord and Dyna-X (the world’s strongest fibre). Start a fire, make an animal snare, catch a fish, floss, hoist equipment or use in an emergency - these are just some of the applications of Atwood Ropes’ ultimate survival cord the Parapocalypse. Tried and tested paracord & cordage that is proven to perform.

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