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Excellent hunting, bushcraft and survival knives, TOPS Knives are crafted with quality steel blades and micarta handles. They offer strength, reliability, resilience and adaptability. The TOPS BOB Fieldcraft knives by the Brothers of Bushcraft are made from high carbon steel and feature a bow drill divot together with Firestarter making excellent survival knives. Find an extensive range of TOPS Knives for all your bushcraft needs.

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TOPS Knives Blade Care USB

TOPS Survival Whistle

TOPS Leather Bushcraft Pouch

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TOPS Wolf Pax 2

TOPS Ucon Hawk

TOPS Grandpa's Axe TPGRAX01

TOPS Scandi Woodsman Knife

TOPS Scandi Trekker Knife

TOPS HOG-Hunter of Gunmen

TOPS El Chete Camo

TOPS Yacare 10.0 Machete

TOPS Mini Scandi Linerlock

TOPS Fieldcraft Linerlock