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J&V Adventure Knives are a brand Spanish knives and part of the Forester Group. The best survival and bushcraft knives made and trusted by military commandos, forestry groups, rescue and survival teams to perform daily tasks. J&V Adventure pride themselves on brilliant construction, reliability, durability of their knives. With quality made handles and artisanal leather sheaths, J&V Adventure Knives are made with the purest of traditional knife techniques. At Survival Supplies Australia we carry some of their survival and bushcraft knives featuring their high level of craftsmanship, quality materials and many functions.

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J&V CDA Adventure Wolf
J&V Wolf 3D Black Micarta
J&V SV3 Green Micarta Folding Knife

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J&V Survival 23 Folding Knife
J&V Fenix Folding 23 Knife
JV Adventure Black Shark