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SOS Hydration Sticks 20 Pack

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SOS Hydration Sticks - 3 x more electrolytes, 6 x less sugar, fast absorption

Convenient and easy to prepare organic electrolyte drink to increase stamina and recover faster. SOS Hydration allows the absorption of 3x more water than water on its own and with much less sugar than any other energy or sports drink on the market. It is an all-natural solution for electrolyte replacement that is keto certified, gluten free, vegan-friendly and uses non-GMO ingredients. Whether you are feeling the effects of jet-lag, a hangover, intense physical exercise or illness, SOS hydration is the quickest and most effective solution to quickly hydrating your working body. 

SOS Hydration is not your typical sports drink because it has 75% less carbohydrates and 3 times more electrolytes and it is not the same as your typical energy drink as energy drinks are very high in sugar and caffeine giving you an artificial energy boost. It is critically important to maintain healthy levels of electrolytes in the body for many reasons, be it sports, lifestyle or health and wellbeing, and sometimes an electrolyte supplement is needed. SOS Hydration with an optimum amount of electrolytes, and with only 10 calories should be your first choice for optimal hydration. 5 great flavours to choose from: Citrus, Berry, Mango, Coconut and Watermelon. 

For quick hydration, mix 1 x SOS Flavoured Stick into 500ml of Water. Engaging in strenuous exercise, recovering from a night out or an illness, mix 2 x SOS Flavoured Sticks into 500ml Bottle of Water or 1 x SOS Flavoured Stick into 250ml of Water. Best drank cold.

Have any questions about SOS Hydration? Please see SOS Hydration FAQs. For more information about SOS Hydration see Nutritional Information.
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Delicious flavours
  • 3x more electrolytes, 6x less sugar, and 6x less calories than competing brands for more effective fluid absorption and no GI distress
  • Use to improve sport performance and fight fatigue from work, travel and illness

- with a blend of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, citrate, chloride, sugars and zinc, you will rehydrate your body 3 times faster than drinking water alone; It has 50% MORE electrolytes and 75% LESS sugar than the alternatives. 

AN EFFECTIVE REHYDRATION SOLUTION - SOS Hydration's replenishing, flavoured formula exceeds the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) standards for Oral Rehydration Therapy Solutions; It’s extremely effective at battling mild-to-moderate dehydration. 

INDEPENDENTLY TESTED & APPROVED - this low-sugar, immunity support, electrolyte-filled hypotonic drinks have been tested and approved as an effective dehydration deterrent by numerous universities, laboratories and the military. 

FASTEST ABSORPTION RATE ON THE MARKET - SOS Hydration's drink mix helps you balance the water and sodium levels in your body quicker than competing sports drinks; Its osmolarity absorption rate is 169 mmol/L; When it comes to hydration, lower osmolarity is king. 

WHAT IS SOS HYDRATION USED FOR - the low-sugar Keto certified formula is perfected for anyone and any occasion; For pre-/post-workouts, after a night out, a day at the beach, airport hopping, boardwalk shopping, body recovery, indoor cycling and more.
  • Flavour Options: BerryCitrusMango, Watermelon or Coconut
  • NON-GMO ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 1 x Box
  • 20 Sachets per Box
  • Weight per Sachet: 5g 
  • Overall Weight: 100g
  • Made in USA

Preparation Instructions: 

Hydration throughout the day:
  • Mix 1 x 5g SOS Stick into 500ml Bottle of Water


Recovery from illness or strenuous exercise:
  • Mix 1 x 5g SOS Stick into 500ml Bottle of Water
  • Mix 2 x 5g SOS Sticks into 250ml of Water

Best Before Dates: 
Berry: TBA
Citrus: TBA
Mango: 09/2023
Watermelon: 09/2023
Coconut: 08/2023
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