Schrill Alarm

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This sound alarm is made in Germany by TW1000 and is a proven method of securing yourself. The small tube makes when you press firmly a very loud high-pitched noise that deters predators button, but also works against dogs. The contents of the tube is about right for use of the 50 x alarm sound, and is in contrast to pepper spray or foam spray to use more than 1 time.

Legal to use - Schrill Alarm:

This sound alarm TW1000 is legal throughout using Europe but only if it is used in an emergency and not to bring someone else harm, for example, aiming the alarm deliberately close to one's ear is a criminal offence.

Applications Schrill Alarm - 110 dB:

  • Defence against dogs
  • Protect against thieves


Specifications Schrill Alarm - 110 dB:

  • 110 decibel alarm
  • 10.5cm high
  • 2.8cm diameter
  • 50g

Whats in the Box:

  • 1 x Schrill Alarm - 110 dB

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