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Scooblite 3 inch Lanyard and Cord Lock

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$14.00 (incl. gst)
3 Inch ScoobliteThe Scooblite is the ultimate glow stick because it is reusable, reliable, safe for the environment, and can be used anywhere!!! The Scooblite charges from ANY light source: daylight, flash lights, LEDs, etc. and once charged it will glow as a marker all night long. The Scooblite can be reused over-and-over again FOREVER!!!Charge the Scooblite with your dive light before your go into the water or while you're in the water. It absorbs light similar to your glow in the dark watch dials.So save your money and the space in your luggage for souvenirs.The Scooblite is specifically designed for divers: Take it to any depth, secure lanyard attachment, no rust cord lock.
Night Diving:If youÆve ever been on a night dive, chances are youÆve used a scuba light: glow stick, strobe light, or light stick. These lights are tied onto the first stage of your regulator and emit a glow that lets your dive buddy know exactly where you are. Scuba lights can also be used to mark locations, trails, and other underwater subterranean locations. They help divers trace the right path without getting lost in vastness of the water. They can also be used to illuminate areas under water like caves and crevices in dark.Lighting Options:Traditional glow sticks, unfortunately, are one-time use products that require chemical activation and are banned in some locations. The strobe lights and light sticks require batteries which are can be hard to find or extremely expensive in some locations. The rechargeable batteries are a good solution but when you're attempting to pack your luggage; the charger is just one more item to remember. They are also banned in some locations...2 Sizes Available3 inch Scooblite - this page6 inch Scooblite - Click Here

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