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Bigboy 36cm Large Folding Saw from Japan is perfect for camping, backpacking & for survival. A big saw able to tackle small to large branches. Incredible cutting capacity, soon to become your best friend.

Extra Large Tooth: These are to be used as an alternative to a small chainsaw. Sounds crazy. but trust me, you can cut a 30cm log with one of these. Large Tooth: Large branches and sappy green wood are ideal to use this saw for. Medium Tooth: Great general purpose, can cope with small branches and okay with large ones too.

This saw is designed for general pruning of medium to large branches.  It has a tooth style which will cut dense and sappy timbers with ease.  It has a hollow ground blade, which reduces friction when cutting.  This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast.

The teeth taper in thickness, larger at the handle and smaller at the tip.  This style of tooth also cuts a larger hole in the timber than the width of the blade, therefore reducing the chance of the blade jamming in the cut.

The blades are made from a high carbon steel called SK4, this is a very strong steel but is also quite flexible, which is very important in a hand saw.  The blades are also coated in chrome to give them some protection from rust and resin.

The Bigboy blade has two settings.  The first is a standard saw blade angle, the second has the blade pointing into the air.  This angle allows you to cut to a flat surface or enables you to have the handle away from branches that are slowing and inconveniencing your cutting.  The handles are made out of a special rubber designed by Silky Japan.  It is called GOM and it is extremely comfortable to hold.  It absorbs a lot of the vibrations you get when cutting and allows you to have a very good grip, even when your hands are damp. 
How to use

Silky saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke. At the first stroke you place the pull saw so that the teeth that are closest to the handle grab the wood first. After the first pull stroke you slide the saw back to the starting position by a soft push stroke (without force). During the pull stroke the thin blade will not bow because there is no lateral tension. The blade just follows the cut. If the saw ever becomes caught, never push hard or wrench, this may lead to lateral tensions which can damage or brake the blade. Always lift the weight off the blade to release the saw.

The Silky saw guarantees a fine kerf and requires little force. Do not burden. Like your grandfather always said: let the saw do the work. You will feel less tired and it lengthens the life of the saw. When you see the sign of impulse hardening the saw is impulse hardened and cannot be filed with the Silky file. You can recognize it by the black teeth tips, caused by impulse hardening. You can slightly control the wood loss by the place where you hold the handle:
  • Close to the blade: there is relatively little pressure on the blade. The saw will take the least wood, making you able to saw in a highly controlled manner and with precision.
  • Further from the blade: there is more pressure on the blade. The cutting action is maximum, but less precise.
Silky is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use.

  • Treat your saw with love. The blade must be kept clean, otherwise the cutting action will be lost. Resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmental friendly way to maintain the blade with. Be aware that if you use more aggressive liquids it can damage the rubber material of the handle.
  • When not using the saw, make sure it is dry at all times. Store the saw in its scabbard in a dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • SKU 350-36 Med Tooth Black Handle
  • Blade length: 360mm or 14.2 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in: 10/8.5
  • Weight: 450g
  • SKU 354-36 Lge Tooth Red Handle
  • Blade length: 360mm or 14.2 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in: 7/5.9
  • Weight: 450g
  • SKU 356-36 Ex Lge Tooth Yellow Handle
  • Blade length: 360mm or 14.2 inches
  • Teeth per 30mm/in: 6.5/5.5
  • Weight: 440g
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29/3/2021 7:22 PM

Excellent saw

by Adam

Excellent saw, cuts pretty much anything effortlessly.
<br>Excellent service from survival supplies