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Solar and Dynamo Compact Radio

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$39.95 (incl. gst)
Small yet powerful and very necessary in emergencies to be able to tap into news and weather stations which could help inform you to enable you to make the right decision in an emergency situation. Picks up AM and FM Radio Stations and has Weather Band Frequency that could be very helpful whether on land or on the water. No need for unreliable and ever failing batteries anymore. This little beauty is powered by Dynamo wind-up which is easy to operate and also has a Solar Panel on the top to absorb and use the energy of the sun, so no more wasting money on expensive batteries that tend to let you down when you need them most.This compact radio (8 x 7 x 5cm) and weighs just 196g lasts up to 7 hours when it is fully charged. It has an on and off tuner dial, antenna, earplug port, and is great for emergencies or outdoor use.
This compact yet powerful solar powered and Dynamo wind up powered radio gives you 2 methods to hear AM / FM Radio Stations and Weather Band Frequency Radio.

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