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Spool Tool Foliage Green

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The Spool Tool (Foliage Green) is the Ultimate Paracord Tool for your Bug Out Bag, Survival Kit Or Paracord Crafts. 

Holds Up To 30m Of Paracord!
  • Designed and constructed in the USA of a super tough, fibre reinforced, nylon; engineered to last a lifetime! 
  • Designed to easily store and organise up to 30m of Paracord. What good is all that awesome Paracord if it's a tangled, unusable mess? 
  • Includes a replaceable blade, 8 multi-sized fusing notches and an integrated MINI BIC Lighter retention system to easily cut and heat seal the ends of Paracord (Lighter not included) 
  • Portable and readily accessible whether carried in your Bug Out Bag, clipped with a carabiner or secured to your MOLLE system. 
  • The hatch and blade are secured with all Stainless Steel hardware: 2 Hatch nuts and screws, plus a spare set (we all lose things). 
  • Colour: Foliage Green 

The Spool Tool is the most efficient, versatile, and compact way to keep your Paracord ready for immediate use. While others are still fumbling with a rat's nest of tangled cord you will have addressed the issue and neatly stored your Paracord; ready for the next emergency.

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16/1/2020 6:28 PM

Great for Paracord, but...

by Canberran, qtc -

Great for paracord, not so great (but still good) for Parapocalypse cord (also sold on this website). Latter has a cord width that is slightly too thick for the “8 multi-sized fusing notches” - but there are two other options for securing the cord end.<br><br>Item provided did not have advertised “spare set (of hatch nuts and screws)” - no great loss for the purpose this item was purchased. <br><br>Otherwise, a solid item. Slightly expensive, so assigned four (rather than five) stars - but sill recommended.