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Survival i-Shield Dark Lens

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$19.95 (incl. gst)
Survival i-Shield Dark Lens
Designed for protection of the eyes in emergency and survival situations where the risk of sun or snow blindness is high and for increased protection of the eyes while performing survival-related tasks. Also great in dust storms or protection against branches and flying insects etc.
Any situation that can leave you blind or partially blind and in pain is life threatening.
I-Shield protect your eyes,which are your most valuable asset in a survival situation.
Survival I-Shield (tm) restricts 99% of UVA and UVB light, and are Polarized PET lenses.
* Wrap-around lenses give maximum protection from all angles
* Extremely lightweight
* Foam pads aid to prevent fogging and for increased comfort
* Draw cord for secure, comfortable attachment and ensured retention
* No arms that can break
* Cleaning Cloth included
* Parachute Cord Lanyard; two feet of 7 strand military grade parachute cord for use in other survival tasks if needed. That makes 16 feet of cord (including the shell) for emergency use as fishing line, for shelter construction etc.
* Carrying Canister protects Survival I-Shield when not in use
* Small enough to fit in compact survival kits
* Lens Colour: Dark lens version for mountain (alpine), desert, ocean and coastal situations where direct light is frequent.

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