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Surviving BioTerrorism Book

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This book is about the natural and medical remedies available for surviving a Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Attack. Compiled by scientists and medical experts this book contains priceless information!With the reality of Anthrax-laced mail, the postal worker and civilian deaths that followed, and a rapidly changing world scene, the threat of biological, chemical, and nuclear attack is real. But there are also real, practical steps you can take now to protect yourself and your children.The scientists whose work has been compiled in this book are recognised worldwide as the foremost experts in the medical aspects of chemical and biological warfare. Their goal is to understand the threats of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons and how to respond to them.
* How a healthy immune system is vital to surviving such attacks.* Which nutritional supplements can bolster the body's underlying defences and in some cases protect against infectious agents that could be used by terrorists.* Foods and supplements that can protect against the accumulation of harmful radiation.* Which antibiotics are most likely to be required in the event of a biological attack. The best antidote against paranoia is preparedness. Well worth a look at this riveting book.

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