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SurvivorSteel Fire Starter

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$38.50 (incl. gst)


Forget matches! This specially designed full-sized ferro-rod was manufactured to start fires quickly even in a down-pour.  Just scrape the fire starter with the back of your knife, focusing the 3,000-degree sparks towards your bird’s nest, tinder, or magnesium dust, and generate roaring fires quickly. Guaranteed to spark more than 12,000 times!


  • Light and compact, SurvivorSteel is the perfect size to easily store in your backpack, keep with your EDC, or attach it to your knife sheath. The ferro-rod itself measures 5" x 1/2", and will more than likely be passed down to your children.

  • The handle of our SurvivorSteel ferro-rod is also woven with 9 feet of TITAN's patented SurvivorCord. That's 9 Feet of MIL-SPEC 550 paracord, snare wire, fishing line, and waterproof fire-tinder integrated into the handle that you'll have quick access to in a survival situation. The perfect item to add to your EDC and emergency kits.

  • With the handle’s adjustable wrist strap, SurvivorSteel can be used as a dependable flail for self-defense in an emergency.


  • SIZE (RETAIL PACKAGE):  2" x 5.25" x 1" (inches)
  • SIZE (FERRO-ROD):  5" x 0.5" (inches)
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 5.5 ounces (156g)
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