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TBS Firelighting Kit - Leather Pouch

SKU: 5481
$78.50 (incl. gst)
These firelighting kits are a great bonus to anyone's kit.

The custom leather pouch holds a TBS Firesteel and tinder tin which in itself contains Lifeboat matches, Fire Fuses, cotton wool and a match striker.

There is enough here to get fires going in the worst of environments and it is definitely a winner.

Also included is a Fallkniven DC3t diamond sharpening stone to the top of the tin to add more usefulness to this already invaluable piece of kit.

The TBS Firesteel is, quite simply, a brilliant product. We know there are about a thousand different types on the market today but we honestly believe that you cannot get more bang for your buck than our Army size Firesteel. This Firesteel is 9.5mm thick.

This is why we make the very bold claim about it being one of the best on the market today. There are products out there that perform very similarly but they are anything from 2 - 4 times the price!

Using the striker it gives off a massive shower of white hot sparks thanks to the addition of just little more of the combustible metals. After using quite a few different products we were suitably impressed with this model and we really liked the fact that there was no faff and flash, just a simple steel with a great striker.

We know a lot of people will automatically use the back of their knife but you really can't get better than a dedicated striker and this one just works. You can either use the side or the curved tip to get a brilliant result and it has the added bonus of having a measuring scale (ideal as a roamer for maps) and a bottle opener that doubles as a hex nut spanner.

An unbelievably great value piece of kit for the great outdoors.

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