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The Fighting Machete DVD Set

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$129.95 (incl. gst)
Produced by Cold Steel this amazing 3 DVD Set covers everything you need to know from choosing the right machete, sharpening, grip, carry and conceal, multiple on-guard stances, faults to avoid, footwork and everything you need to know. It covers over 26 different techniques, seven methods of deploying the point of a machete. Including the reverse grip methods, 13 methods of employing the razor edge of a Machete, Hitting, Smashing, and Hammering. Utilizing the flat of the blade and spine of a machete. Defensive tactics utilizing footwork and avoidance patterns.13 ways to use a machete to block or parry incoming attacks. Defeating disarm attempts. Defeating the charge and take down attempts. Fighting from the standing grapple (clinch) How to create and identify an opening in an opponents defence and much more. If you want to learn everything there is to know about a machete, this is the set to do it.

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