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The Preppers Guide to Grid Down Disaster

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Every time you turn on the news or get on the internet, you are bombarded with images of one disaster or another. Sometimes it is a tornado, hurricane or earthquake and other times, it is civil unrest that is wreaking havoc. Then there are the terrorists that are always working hard to make this world an unpleasant and uncertain place to live. 

With so much strife in the world, it only makes sense you would take action to prepare for the inevitable to strike your little corner of the world. Most people always assume it will never happen to them or where they live. Living in a bubble or burying your head in the sand isn't going to help matters when disaster does strike. We have seen the evidence mounting over the past couple of years. Our electricity grids are vulnerable. We could very well find ourselves living in a very dark world. 

Could you survive? Do you know how to find clean drinking water after the grid fails and your tap no longer gives you what you need to survive? How can you make the water from your local river safe to drink? These are all things you need to consider today. You must be prepared to find food and water and deal with sanitation issues that will arise if the power grid is knocked out for a few weeks or a few long months or even longer. 

Things will be very different as the community adjusts to life without power, water or gas. Some people will thrive and others will be forced to fight for every moment of life. 

Do what you can to be a part of the first group and use this book to help yourself prepare for a downed power grid. You owe it to yourself and your family to spend some time putting things away that will ultimately save your life.

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