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Urban Yellow Turboflame Mini Blow Torch

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Urban Yellow Turboflame Mini Blow Torch

Turboflame ® Original, is essential for any outdoor enthusiast’s survival kit. It has a heavy duty metal alloy body with metallic or rubberised finish. Its jet-like precision flame reaches temperatures of up to 1300c and has a continuous flame lock that makes it a handy pocket blow-torch which can withstand up to 10 minutes of continuous use. 

The very large gas reservoir allows this lighter to carry enough fuel for up to 850 short ignitions or total burn time of 17 minutes (maximum allowable continuous burn time 10 minutes) – see operating instruction video below for more details:  

The rubber safety cap detaches from the lighter body to avoid cap overheating during continuous flame use. When using the continuous flame lock you can hold the lighter in one hand and reach tight spots such as gas pilot lights and lanterns.

Turboflame® ‘clean burn’ technology means it can also melt synthetic material without depositing black carbon, so outdoor equipment can be quick fixed without discolouration. Outdoor enthusiasts include Turboflame in their emergency kits to melt p-tex, seal micro - cracks in boards and canoes, cut and seal PARA rope and blast rust from metal. Turboflame work up to 3000 M (12,000 ft) altitude and don’t ‘self-combust’ at high altitudes.

All in all, Turboflame® Original model is the perfect accompaniment to the pocket-knife and flashlight - a must for any survival kit.

Ideal for outdoor pursuit enthusiasts, field repairs and craft workers.

  • Precision pinpoint laser jet flame
  • Nonslip rubberised coating
  • Detachable rubber safety cap
  • Heavy duty metal alloy body
  • Adjustable 1300°C Clean Burn © flame
  • Operates in any orientation – even upside down (without bending the flame)
  • Works up to 3000M (9,800ft) altitude
  • Electronic piezo igniter (10,000 ignitions)
  • Wind resistant
  • Lanyard fastening hoop
  • Flame Lock for continuous burn
  • Size: 7.8cm x 3cm 
  • Weight: 85g
  • fuel capacity 3.6ml
  • 850 short ignitions (10 minutes continuous and 17 minutes per full tank of gas **)
  • working flame height 2cm
  • Model: GX7 - Turboflame Original – Mini Blow Torch 
  • Size: 7.8cm x 3cm 
  • Weight: 85g
  • Colour: Urban Yellow
  • Manufacturer Number: GX7-Y

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