Vulture Fire Kit Mk3

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Don't Get Left Shivering, Cold & Dark!

The Vulture Fire Kit Mk3 was designed for a worst case scenario and built to expedition standards. Featuring the time tested Vulture Mk2 ferro rod, a carbide striker and 8 Maxi Starters (available in refills) all housed in a weather tight tube. The Ferrocerium and the machined cap are bonded with the same aerospace adhesive that is used to hold the space shuttle together for years of abuse.

This ferro rod itself throws an incredible ball of sparks (5500 degrees F) and can also be shaved into kindling to aide in fire starting. This is not a dainty little ferro rod, rather a robust and incredibly tough expedition tool that is designed for a no b.s. world. As for the carbide striker, it has a red rubber handle for no slip, edge protector, large enough to grip with your whole hand. To keep everything together both are tethered together with a 24" piece of genuine US 550-Mil Cord to aid in identification if dropped in the woods.

Each kit contains 8 of Will's Maxi Starters, each which burns for over 3 minutes in 20mph winds.  The Maxi Starter is unique in that it is a dry product and requires only one spark to start on fire. This allows for a greater success rate in the wilds while building your fire while you're cold and miserable.

  • Weather Tight Tube 15.2cm x 5cm (6"x2") W/ Removable Caps
  • Ferro Rod 0.95cm (3/8") diameter
  • 6061 Aluminium Cap W/ Stone Wash Finish
  • Glued Construction W/ Aerospace Adhesive (not epoxy)
  • 61cm (24") Genuine US MilCored For Retention & Loss Prevention
  • 8 - Maxi Starters Individually Sealed For Long Term Storage

Designed, Prototyped, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA!

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