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Wise Food 120 Serves Veg and Sauces

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Wise Food 120 Serves Veg and Sauces - Even in an emergency you can still keep your health in mind and enjoy this Wise Food 120 Vegetables and Sauces Pack by the Wise Food Company. These freeze dried vegetable and sauces are so easy to prepare yet still pack the nutrients you need. Accompany it with any meal and add flavour and variety to your emergency food supply. Just because Emergency Long Life Food are freeze dried doesn't mean your meals have to be dry. 

With a shelf life of 25 years, it is well worth having Wise Food 120 Serves Veg & Sauces pack in your pantry for any emergency. Why not add Wise Food Company's just as tasty and nutritional Wise 120 Serving Fruit and Snack to your pantry too. Just as great for those camping, hiking and trekking adventures.

Wise Food Company have a wide range of Emergency and Survival Food Supply. To check out our range click here.  

*Please note the suggested servings from Wise Food Company are an indication only. Each pouch has a suggested 4 servings. However, individual needs vary and servings may differ based on your requirements and discretion. Long term survival is best handled by supplementing Wise Foods with other food types – meat, dairy, fresh vegetables acquired at the time or stored prior.  

Each individual packet of vegetables has been designed to mix and match (as desired) with long-term gourmet butter, cream, cheese, and mushroom sauces. Wise Company assorted freeze dried vegetables are second to none.  The unique approach increases the overall taste, calorie, and nutritional content. With up to a 25 year shelf life, this package is a wise recipe for any type of emergency, not to mention great for everyday use. 

Manufactured 03/07/2018.
  • Includes 1 total bucket 
  • Food is safely sealed in Mylar pouches
  • To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains 8 servings 
  • Lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving 
  • Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
  • Up to 25 year shelf life 
Optimal storage temp 13°C (55°F)
Total Weight: 2.3kgs (5lbs)

  • 3 pouches of Corn (8 servings ea) 
  • 2 pouches of Peas (8 servings ea) 
  • 3 pouches of Broccoli (8 servings ea) 
  • 3 pouches of Green Beans (8 servings ea) 
  • 1 pouches of Mushroom Sauce (8 servings ea) 
  • 1 pouch of Cheese Sauce (8 servings ea) 
  • 1 pouch of Butter Sauce (8 servings ea) 
  • 1 pouch of Cream Sauce (8 servings ea) 

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