About Survival Supplies Australia

About Survival Supplies Australia specialising in emergency supplies

When you think about Survival, Preparedness, Disaster, Emergency, Catastrophe, Evacuation and Lockdown, think Survival Supplies Australia (SSA)

Survival Supplies Australia (SSA) is 100% Australian owned and operated. We are committed to supplying robust and durable products that can make a difference between life and death in an emergency situation. When it comes to preparing for survival, a disaster or an emergency situation, SSA is your one stop on-line shop.
The average survival situation lasts for about 3 days. Being rescued in the first 72 hours after being lost or stranded is a likely outcome according to statistics, providing you can keep yourself alive that long.
Key to your survival is being able to maintain your core body temperature and having access to water and food.
Our survival kits and individual products equip you to have these necessary items at your fingertips, when you need them most. We also carry a range of first-aid supplies, navigation, signalling devices and other handy items you may need.
The only one who can ensure that you are prepared to meet the challenges that life can bring, is yourself. Emergencies never come at a convenient time; they often give you very little or no warning.
Having an emergency kit in your home, car, boat or caravan can be the best insurance policy to safeguard your life during a crisis. We are here to assist you with your preparation and offer you prompt, and cost effective solutions, to meet your needs.
We aim to give customers a wide variety of options to choose from. When your life may depend on it, you can count on Survival Supplies Australia to supply all your survival needs.