M-Tech 10 inch Satin Blade Knife 2251

M-Tech 10 inch Satin Blade Knife 2251 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The M-Tech 10 inch Satin Fixed blade Knife is great value for the money. It is stylish and is made to last from robust 5 mm thick steel satin blade that is 5 inches in length. The knife fits well into the hand and with a nylon 5 inch K10 handle with a nylon cord lanyard attached. This knife also includes a 168OD Nylon Sheath and is 10 inches in overall length. A very nice knife at a good price.

Product Specifications

* Overall Length: 10 inches
* Blade Length: 5 inch plain Satin
* Blade Thickness: 5mm thick
* Handle: 5 inch handle black K10 includes cord Lanyard
* Sheath: 168OD Nylon


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