The Pathfinder 10C of Survivability DVD 3108

The Pathfinder 10C of Survivability DVD 3108 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This is a new Dave Canterbury DVD for 2013. In this exclusive DVD, Dave Canterbury covers the 10 C's of Survivability; Cutting Tool, Combustion Device, Cocer, Container, Cordage, Compass, Candling Device, Cotton Bandana, Cloth/Canvas Sail Needle, and Cargo (Duct) Tape! He teaches what gear you need to carry, why you need to carry it, and how much you need in any emergency or survival situation. He also teaches what mentality you should have while building your pack to be prepared for any wilderness scenerio.
This information is not found on any of his other YouTube Videos. A great companion to the Pathfinder Survival Basics DVD!


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