12 inch Abdominal Multi Bandage

12 inch Abdominal Multi Bandage | Survival Supplies Australia

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Made in Israel by First Care Products the 12 inch white Israeli Multi Bandage (for Abdominal Wound/Amputations) For gentile treatment of large exposed organ wounds. Moist Seal for covering exposed organs, this seal can be easily removed if required (for amputation injuries)
Compact and light weight (160g / 5.6 oz.)
12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm non- adherent sterile pad connected to a 8 inch x 5.46 yard/ 20cm x 5m)
Elastic wrapping leader with handle loop, pressure applicator, closure bar and stop and go release 23.6 inch plus x 23.6 inch plus Moisture Seal non- adherent plast.
The Multi bandage line provides large bandages in compact packaging for treating Abdominal and exposed organ wounds or amputation injuries. These bandages are multi-functional, lightweight and vacuum sealed for use in combat first aid emergency kits.
Waterproof packaging and quality made in Israel.


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