BodyGlide Sun Formula SPF25 1350

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Product Description

Sun Formula is a true multi-use product. It can help protect your skin against painful effects of rubbing (friction) and it can help protect your skin from the sun. Sun Formula is for either or both purposes. It is formulated to work like BodyGlide Skin Formula or to be a stand-alone sunscreen - or both.

Sun Formula is technically advanced to help stay in play long after other sun products have evaporated, melted or dripped from the surface of your skin. It creates a soft, invisible barrier that stands up to heat, moisture (including fresh and salt water, cold and wind, to help guard your skin against rubbing (friction) and sun.

As with any sun product, it should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before before skin is exposed to sun, and again, after swimming.

Everyday, in Sports and Outdoor, and On the Job - for its grease less barrier that helps guard skin. And even while it stands up to moisture, it allows your skin to breathe and perspiration to escape.

Product Features

* Prevents blisters, chaffing, dry skin, saddle sores, cracked skin and rash
* Aloe and Vitamin E
*2-in-1 formula
8 Penetrates
* Water and sweat resistant
*Protects all day
* Hypoallergenic
* USA Triathalon Official Product


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