Australian Premium Dried Beef Meals

Australian Premium Dried Beef Meals | Survival Supplies Australia

Price: $10.90
Plain Beef Mince 2606   Quan:
Country Burritto 1404   Quan:
Country BBQ and Vegies 1260   Quan:
Mild Thai Curry 2340   Quan:
Malaysian Satay 2283   Quan:
Country Casserole 1637   Quan:
Egg/Bacon/Beef Mince 1762   Quan:
Product Features

Each satchel serves 2 people. Great to add to noodles, pastas, or rice. Just add 300mls. of boiling water and simmer for 8-10 minutes and you have a meal that is delicious and nutritious to eat.
* No Artificial Preservatives
* No Artificial Flavours
* No Artificial Colours
* 97% Fat Free
* In Hermetically sealed satchel
* Only top quality beef used

9 Different Varieties Available

These wonderful meals come in 9 different varieties:
* Plain Beef Mince
* Beef and Blackbean
* Country Burritto
* Bolognaise
* Country BBQ & Vegies
* Mild Thai Curry
* Malaysian Satay
* Country Casserole
* Egg/Bacon/Beef Mince


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