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The SAS Urban Survival Handbook is an indispensable companion for every urban jungle dweller. A compilation of essential strategies for dealing with the stresses of daily life in the modern world, from fire drills to terrorist threats, this complete survival guide covers:
Daily Essentials: Surviving the city, including instructions for making your own survival kit.
Safety and Security: Recognisizing the common hazards in your home, workplace, or commute, from household poisons to computer hacking.
Fire: Knowing the risks and planning your escape.
Self-Defense: Getting out of sticky situations and learning how to aviod them in the future.
Terrorism: Taking steps to make your city feel safe again in a world where everyone is a target.
Disasters: Surviving earthquakes,Tsunamis, tornados, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.
Health: Saving a life, from first aid to identifying the symptoms of life threatening diseases.To dangerous dog attacks and much much more.

Filled with colour pictures and easy to follow guidelines, this is a must have book to help you survive the dangers of urban living.


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