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This book is written by an accomplished Doctor, Surgeon and OBGY Joseph Alton,M.D. and his wife Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. a highly trained Advanced Registered Nurse Practitoner and Mid-wife.

The Survival Medical Handbook is meant for those who want to ensure the health of their loved ones in any disaster situation, from natural disasters to complete societal collapse. Integrative medical strategies abound for all the likely medical issues you may encounter in a catastrophic scenerio.

There is no other book on the market that shares the information available within these pages.

You will learn skills like performing a physical examination, transporting an injured patient, how to suture a wound and much, much more.

This must have book is a guide for the non-medical professional to stay healthy in situations where help is NOT on the way.

It has occupied the #1 Amazon Bestseller spot numerous times in the Survival Skills, Disaster Relief, and the Safety and First-Aid categories since it was published and is now available here in Australia!
Contains 423 pages of great advice and knowledge.


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