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This book is amazing in its depth and scope. Advanced Outdoor Navigation offers readers the most comprehensive study of navigational skills ever published.

Once you master these skills, you'll never get lost again - regardless of terrain or time of day, whether you're travelling over rock or ice, through desert or jungle, or on a river or at sea.

In these pages global survival expert Greg Davenport shares his vast experience in outdoor navigation, travel, and wilderness survival. Inside you'll find in- depth information on all three topics, accompanied by numerous illustrations that make both basic and advanced concepts accessible and easy to understand and apply. Exercises at the end of every chapter will help you [practice and perfect your navigational skills.

Also inside this book you will learn:
* How to prepare for any backcountry trip
* The basics of maps, charts, and compasses
* How to find cardinal direction and location
* The author's 6 point checklist for route-finding
* How to navigate using the sun and stars
* How to hike with greater efficiency
* Techniques for travelling over rock
* Techniques and safety tips for snow and glacier travel
* How to navigate using a GPS and map
* The authors three-step approach to wilderness survival


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