All Weather Blanket Olive Green 1122

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Product Description

This blanket is totally reusable and will last a very long time. There are reports and samples of the product still in the field after 25 years.

Use as a personal emergency shelter against the effects of wind, rain, and cold. Use the silver side facing towards you for maximum reflectivity. Use as a sun reflector by facing ssilver side outward or line the inside of your tent to keep out the heat or cold.
Use it to prevent hypothermeia by maintaining body heat. Use as a heat reflector on the back wall of a shelter, sit between fire and blanket. Helps keep moisture and dampness away from your sleeping bag or tent floor. Use the silver side to signal for help to draw rescue teams attention.

Product Specifications

All Weather Blankets are 5'by 7'with full edge binding and grommeted corners silver or reverse.
Weight is 12oz. (340 grams)


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