AMK Nano Heat Travel Blanket 5137

AMK Nano Heat Travel Blanket 5137 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The AMK Nano Heat Blanket is equipped with a weather and spill proof coating along with a metalized coating on the inside to keep you warm on your next adventure or journey.
Features spill proof DWR coating sheds spills, water, sand or dirt right off the blanket to remain clean.
Keep warm: 80 per cent heat reflective coating on the inside allows you to wrap up in the blanket and stay warm.
Lightweight and Compact: 6.8 oz. blanket and its ability to fit in the palm of your hand or in your purse or bum-bag, makes it capable to be with you at all times.
This is a real little gem to have as it can prevent you from exposure to the elements and getting hypothermia. Great for the minimalist.


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