Aussie Navigation and Survival Tips Cards 1211

Aussie Navigation and Survival Tips Cards 1211 | Survival Supplies Australia

Aussie Navigation and Survival Tips Cards 1211 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

This very useful navigational and survival tips card set is made by an Australian for Australian conditions. It contains 34 laminated waterproof cards (both single and double sided) that have useful and valuable information.
They are well made to last in the toughest conditions and are joined together by a heavy gage key ring.
With clear and easy to read information and instructions, this is a perfect set to have in your emergency/survival kit.
It includes compass usage and gradient markings, calculations for degrees, map reading, finding your position by re-section, common map scales, drawing a section between two map points, reading contours, Navigational planning, grid referencing, estimating journey time, navigating at night by the stars, sun movement,finding direction in the tropics, how to determine if the sun is north or south of you, using the shadow stick method, hand span method, comes complete with a compass rose drawing and many other navigational tips to help you navigate your way safely.
The survival cards which form part of the set include many useful topics such as: identifying poisonous plants, medication, medication replacement table, survival kit replacement items etc.
This card set is a valuable tool for anyone in the bush and has had a lot of thought and experience go into the making of it.


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